Fully Personalized Knee Implants for Knee Replacement Surgery

You deserve a knee implant that fits YOU. 

That’s why all our total knee replacement solutions feature either a fully personalized implant made just for you, or a Made-to-Measure implant pre-selected for your optimal fit by advanced algorithms.

Knee arthroplasty procedures using our implants are either fully or partially covered by Medicare and most major insurance companies, under the same insurance reimbursement codes as our competitors’ “off-the-shelf” knee implants.

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Conformis implants are covered, billed, and coded under most private insurance,
as well as Medicare, as any other joint replacement would be.


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Learn About Our Two Personalized Knee Options

Conformis offers the two most genuinely personalized knee replacement options in the market – Made-to-Measure and Fully Personalized, both of which are designed to restore your mobility through great fit, alignment, and bone coverage.

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Conformis’ fully personalized knee replacement implants are the only systems made individually to fit each patient’s unique anatomy.

Generic, or “off-the-shelf”, implants are typically made in a limited number of average sizes that may not provide adequate bone coverage for a significant percentage of people. In such situations, people experience overhang (places where an implant is too big and could result in unnecessary pain) and/or underhang (places where an implant is too small and bone is left exposed).

In contrast, our fully personalized systems are designed to fit the unique size, shape and curvature of your knee, with the objective of restoring your natural joint line and natural range of motion

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The Only Fully Personalized Total Knee Replacement Solution

Conformis’ fully personalized knee replacements are designed to match every aspect of your natural knee. The goal of any knee replacement is to be pain-free, restore natural motion, and for patients to return to their everyday activities.

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Compelling Clinical Evidence & Research Supports Full Personalization

The high performance of Conformis’ fully-personalized knee replacements has been demonstrated in dozens of clinical studies that have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

published study of patients shows that patients with a fully personalized Conformis knee system in one leg and a traditional off-the-shelf knee in the other leg preferred their Conformis knee over their off-the-shelf knee at a rate of more than 10 to 1.

Platinum ServicesSM Knee Replacements

Platinum Services℠ is our new, deluxe service upgrade program for your fully personalized knee replacement procedure.

To upgrade, you pay an out-of-pocket personalization services fee above your health insurance coverage to fully personalize or customize your knee replacement system. The services fee can vary by the medical facility at which your procedure is performed.

Warranty: We Stand Behind Our Custom Knees

We believe in the quality of our systems and are willing to stand behind them!

In addition to offering the only fully personalized knee replacement system in the market, you will receive the only limited warranty for knee replacement implants in the market.

If you upgrade through Platinum Services program and require a revision surgery within 5 years of your original Conformis knee replacement surgery, we will reimburse you up to $3,000.

Also, we consistently see 85-90% patient satisfaction with our fully personalized knee systems, in an industry where 70-80% satisfaction is typical for generic, off-the-shelf implants.
In one research study, 77% of patients with a fully personalized Conformis implant indicated that they were “extremely likely” to recommend Conformis, as compared to only 36% for patients who had off-the-shelf implants.